Are you a tourist who would very much love to look at a Mountain Gorilla and take photographs besides it after a tiresome trek but rather feel like you are short of budget? Do you really want to meet these primates at a very low unbeatable price? We can never leave you aside, reason why we endeavor so much to find all opportunities of reducing the cost of our safaris so that we are able to cover for your budget. Why should we be your top choice for budget gorilla trekking? Honestly, most operators won’t mind receiving your money and placing you on a very low budget accommodation facility on bed and breakfast basis besides transporting you in an old van that could break as you drive but question is, are these the services you want? Would you really want to sleep in a lodge with bed bugs, torn mosquito nets and broken sinks? No traveler would really wish for it reason why we have tried so hard to make several partnerships with accommodation facilities so that we are able to get their quality accommodation facilities (mid-range accommodation) at relatively low discounted rates and extend them to you so that you get the best comfort whilst on your safari.

Want to know our cheat code for organizing budget gorilla trekking expeditions? The burden is on our side since we have to send a lot of clients to these accommodation and lodging facilities so that the prices of their rooms keep getting lower for us which calls for a huge investment on our marketing. Good thing is we don’t mind spending a lot of money marketing so long as our clients are comfortable on their safari. All our budget gorilla trekking safaris come with extremely nice mid-range accommodation facilities at discounted rates and include all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) hence, you are guaranteed of utmost comfort as you journey through the wilderness of Uganda. For over 5 years, we have been among the best operators when it comes budget gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda.

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