Rwanda is a very tiny landlocked country that went through one of the most terrorizing moments ever in history, something you can still see when you visit the Genocide Memorial Monuments whilst on your Rwanda safaris. Despite the sad past, Rwanda has still managed to appear among the best safari destinations in the African continent and the best in the world when it comes to Mountain Gorilla tracking. If you want a true definition of a hustle-free safari, Rwanda should definitely be your next place to go. Rwanda has abundance in 3 national parks with a possibility of having four in the future along it’s fauna and flora. All roads going to national parks are tarmacked and the fact that Musanze (formerly called Ruhengeri) is just approximately 2.5 hours away from Kigali has given Rwanda a very big advantage over the rest of the countries. The short distance has also made it possible for tourists to carry out 1 day gorilla tracking safaris and 2 day gorilla safaris. A 3 day gorilla adventure in Rwanda will have a lot more activities compared to the rest which is still a very big advantage. When it comes to organization, Rwanda is very organized and corrupt free. The president himself gives massive support to tourists and doesn’t want any officials to disturb them especially when travelling between destinations. A gorilla permit might cost you $1500 each but this money goes towards the conservation of Mountain Gorillas in their respective habitats. Trekking gorillas is much more like giving back to the gorillas and the community within hence, gorilla trekking is just one of the many ways of increasing the population of these gentle primates.

We know Rwanda in and out, we love it and we have organized several Rwanda safaris very many time before. We are ready to introduce you to a country with thousands of hills and mountains for a remarkable safari that won’t easily skip off your mind for the next good years. Please contact us below.

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