When you thinking for exploring Africa for an adventure, Uganda should definitely be one of the top places to travel to on your destination list reason being it has more than what you would expect from an expedition. Ever wondered why it is called the Pearl of Africa? Truth is there is a lot to see on safaris to Uganda. The country’s exceptional scenery, tall mountains, hot springs, flora, fauna, the fact that is has the source of the longest river in the world – River Nile, the second largest Lake – Lake Victoria, the most powerful waterfall in the world – Murchison Falls plus several sights couldn’t get any closer to deny it the “Pearl of Africa” name. Most of our tour packages include a Mountain Gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park because this park shelters the highest percentage of the world’s remaining critically endangered Mountain Gorillas in its thick forests. I would say people travel for Wildlife viewing too especially to Uganda’s most popular safari park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and the great Murchison Falls National Park to view the Big Five Game animals. Uganda is a very good place to visit for a holiday, vacation, or honeymoon and there is no doubt about that. This is something you will clearly see right from the moment you set foot on her soil till when you set off for your departure.

We have organized several gorilla tours in Uganda before, something that we pride ourselves in. Our experience, knowledge, passion for tourism and staff won’t leave you disappointed but will rather guarantee you the best expedition. Our gorilla safaris are very affordable but we also do organize high-end / luxury safaris as well for clients who want absolute comfort. Are you short of budget? We do have low budget travelers in mind reason why we have gone ahead to establish a number of partnerships with various accommodation facilities so as to be able to get their facilities at relatively lower prices and extend it to our clients. Think of traveling to Uganda, we are ready to organize for you a memorable safari.

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